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Counseling and Psychotherapy
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About me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.   Clinical social workers provide the largest portion of psychotherapy in the United States.  I draw on my formal education, experience and the wisdom that comes with age along with ongoing study of research, philosophy, and theology to provide counseling and psychotherapy.   I only work with adults and have a particular interest in anger, depression, adjustment difficulties, anxiety, and mental illness.  

A great deal of research suggests that regardless of education, training, or therapeutic approach, the primary factor in determining the success of psychotherapy is the alliance between the therapist and the client.   How the client and therapist work together and how they respond to each other during the time they are together can be more important than what is being said.  That being said, my philosophical approach to therapy is eclectic, meaning I draw from a number of approaches.  They include, but are not limited to:

1.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy examines how thoughts, feelings and behavior influence each other and identifies activities to make changes in areas causing discomfort or life problems.

2. Solution Focused/Brief Therapy. Solution Focused Therapy is similar to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy except that it focuses on one or very few specific problems.

3. Existential Psychotherapy.  Existential psychotherapy is a philosophical method of therapy that operates on the belief that inner conflict within a person is due to that individual's confrontation with the concerns of existence. These givens, as noted by Ervin Yalom, M.D. are: 1. the inevitability of death,  2. freedom and responsibility, 3. isolation, and 4.meaninglessness. These four concerns form the body of existential psychotherapy and compose the framework in which the client and therapist look at a client's problem in order to develop a method of treatment.